Presentation Feedback

“I will be more aware of the possibility of a person having autism–and more able to assist them”

“Dennis was quite engaging and interesting. He is well informed and used personal experiences to show his passion for the subject”

“Excellent ‘hands on’ information and education for professionals”

“Excellent, should be shown to police recruits and in-service training for veterans”

“Very practical and useful, I really learned a lot”

“Well researched! Presentation given with passion and energy”

“Very relaxed speaker-his humor a great asset!”

“The different agencies that were in attendance at the workshop”

“Mr. Debbaudt’s knowledge concerning subject and his complete coverage of the topic”

“How the presenter connected with the audience”

“Dennis is a great speaker, down to earth, and very informative”

“The power point presentation and the speaker’s confidence, knowledge. The way it was shown and how it was put together not only with talking but with video”

“Mr. Debbaudt’s presentation skills. The way he presented information made it easy to understand and gave me a better understanding of autism”

“Examples, thorough explanation, humor”

“The video. It was excellent!”

“Very much enjoyed the full presentation. The speaker, Dennis, kept it interesting.”

“The fact that it taught you basic skills for dealing with autistic people”

“I really respect the presenter for using his personal situation to impart important information to people who truly need to know.”

“This was very good and should be mandatory for all EMS & law enforcement.”

“Great speaker! He got my attention from beginning to end.”

“Great job!”