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I hope you and your family are staying safe and productive during the COVID-19 quarantine. Please browse our downloadable resources section for advice that comes from my 30 plus years of experience of reporting on the interactions between autistic people and policing, public safety and criminal justice professional–and sharing those reports in training rooms and conference across the country and around the world.

Over the past few years, my focus has shifted to instructor level training, often referred to as train-the-trainer projects. My material has been refreshed with a special focus on identifying the highest risk autism related contacts for policing professionals. It’s also delivered in the language of everyday life and illustrated through audiovisual segments that drive home the message to every audience.  

I now share content through live sessions and online via FaceTime, WEBEX, Skype. The content can also be shared through Debbbaudt Legacy Productions’ cloud/large file service. I’ve recently presented sessions for local, statewide, federal and U.S. Army policing agencies that were either direct training sessions or training of instructors. The content is tempered by 25 years of training room experience and improved with your feedback and advice.

My curriculum, learning objectives and handouts are updated often. Whenever I find new material or insight that becomes available, I report it. Likewise, audiovisual support updates are frequent and in the experienced editing hands of Emmy Award winning news videographer, Dave Legacy. While most curriculum and training video development projects become dated upon release, I know that my work will never be finished. So, the research and reporting continue as new thoughts, advice and subject matter becomes available. My mission continues to be: find it, explain it and share it.

Please click the link to view a short biography produced by HBO. It focuses on the reason my mission started.   

I hope and pray that you, your family and friends have only the best outcomes through the COVID-19 global challenge.   

Thank you for visiting! Stay Safe!  


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Dennis has over twenty-five years of experience in autism and law enforcement curriculum development and training room delivery. From serving in 1999 as a Curriculum Review Team member and resource for the first ever autism curriculum for law enforcement, Why Law Enforcement Needs To Recognize Autism, developed by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions to serving as a Subject Matter Expert and training video contributor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s 2017 curriculum Autism Awareness for Law Enforcement Debbaudt has stayed active in the development and delivery of autism training for law enforcement. 

Debbaudt is also a cited resource for the 2001 Pennsylvania POST Field Guide: Police Response to People with Mental Illness or Developmental Disability, by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission; a consultant to Chicago Police Department’s autism training module in 2007; a Subject Matter Expert for California POST’s 2009 training video on autism; and developed and updated the Autism Trainer’s Guide for NYPD from 2008 through 2018.

Get up-to-date quick with copyright protected and licensed autism and law enforcement training curriculum objectives, course outlines, learning outcomes with informative and insightful video illustrations. Check out Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC here: autism and law enforcement video production team

Debbaudt offers referenced, detailed, easy-to-read handouts that can be modified for a 10 to 20 minute roll call briefing session or two, three and four hour sessions. Dennis wrote the scripts for training video scenarios that describe not only the highest risk autism and law enforcement encounters but strategies designed to lower risk when police officers and first responders interact with autistic citizens and resolve the dilemma of recognizing autism related behaviors and characteristics.

Here’s a short documentary from HBO about Dennis Debbaudt’s mission origins     

Dennis Debbaudt’s autism training mission will give you access to practical advice from the content leader about Autism & Law Enforcement curriculum, videos, publications, and Autism & Law Enforcement training presentations.


 Every Dennis Debbaudt Autism & Law Enforcement training session is considered to be a train-the-trainer opportunity. Debbaudt’s reporting has shaped global thought leaders lessons learned since 1995. For more information email Dennis at: or call: 772-398-9756. 

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