Autism Risk & Safety Management

Autism Risk & Safety Management is the premier source for comprehensive autism training and support for law enforcement and first responders. Our founder, Dennis Debbaudt, revolutionized the way that police officers, first responders and other criminal justice personnel approach individuals on the autism spectrum.

Are you searching for relevant autism training curriculum for police and law enforcement?

Is your training room tested, well-researched, referenced, up-to-date, relevant, jargon-free autism subject matter important to, you and your agency or department’s training mission?

Autism and law enforcement recognition, response, and risk management training presented by Dennis Debbaudt

The material for our downloadable resources, videos, and autism blog comes from Dennis Debbaudt’s more than 30 years of experience reporting on the interactions between autistic people and police, public safety and criminal justice professionals–and sharing those reports in training rooms and conferences around the world.

Over the past few years, our focus has shifted to instructor level training, often referred to as “train the trainer” projects. Recently refreshed material has a special focus on identifying the highest risk autism related contacts for police and first responders. It’s delivered in everyday language and illustrated through powerful audiovisual segments by Emmy Award winning videographer, Dave Legacy, to vividly drive home the message.  

We now share content through live sessions and online via Zoom. The content can also be shared through Debbaudt Legacy Productions’ cloud/large file service.

Recent training sessions have been presented for local, statewide, federal and US Army policing agencies. Content is tempered by 25 years of training room experience and improved with years of your feedback and advice.

Our curriculum, learning objectives and handouts are updated often, whenever new material or insight becomes available.

While most curriculum and training video development projects become dated upon release, our work is never finished. Research and reporting continue as new thoughts, advice and subject matter becomes available. Our mission continues to be: find it, explain it and share it.

Please click the link to view a short biography produced by HBO. It focuses on the reason my mission started.   

Contact Dennis at or 772-398-9756 to learn more about our offerings. Let’s Talk!  


Here’s a short documentary from HBO about Dennis Debbaudt’s mission origins     









Practical training from the guy that wrote the book on autism

Dennis Debbaudt’s autism education mission will give you access to practical advice from the content leader about Autism & Law Enforcement curriculum, videos, publications, and Autism & Law Enforcement training presentations.

Every Dennis Debbaudt Autism & Law Enforcement training session is considered to be a train-the-trainer opportunity. Debbaudt’s reporting has shaped global thought leaders lessons learned since 1995. Contact us to learn more and prepare your team for interacting with people with autism!

Reach out to us and we’ll be in touch to educate your police department or public service team on de-escalating interactions with people with autism.