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About Us

Miscommunication affects interactions between people with autism and first responders, sometimes having deadly consequences. We are dedicated to training police officers, fire-rescue, EMS 911/telecommunications, healthcare facility security, criminal justice teams and public safety officials on how to better serve people in the autism community.


Educate About ASD and its Impact on communication


Improve interations between autistic people and officials


Protect people with autism

Dennis Debbaudt giving an autism talk on a big stage

Our vision

We want to create a safer world for people with autism where they aren’t misunderstood and put in harm’s way because of their ASD

Our mission

To raise awareness of people with autism to educate police and public officials on how to safely interact with people with autism

Our story

Dennis Debbaudt’s son was diagnosed with autism, so he learned first-hand of the trauma caused by bad interactions with first responders

Autism Risk Management was founded by Dennis Debbaudt and Dave Legacy, the creators of Debbaudt Legacy Productions, to change the conversation around autism, and change communication techniques for a safer and more inclusive society.

Live Presentations

In-person and virtual trainings for police officers, EMS crews, and other teams of public officials

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Training Videos-Curriculum

Our world-class autism training videos and curriculum  are perfect for educating your department at any time

News & Insights

Our blog offers insights into autism spectrum disorder and its effect on interactions with authority

Reach out to learn more and start training your team on autism communication techniques!

Email: ddpi@flash.net

Phone: (772) 398-9756