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Kimberly S. Taylor

Resident Superior Court Judge, 22nd Judicial District (Retired)

judge-kimberly-taylorKim Taylor was a Superior Court Judge in the 22nd Judicial District, Sixth Division of North Carolina for 20 years. The mother of a young man with autism, Judge Taylor played an integral role in getting autism spectrum disorder information added to the basic law enforcement training for the state of North Carolina. Judge Taylor has co-presented with Dennis Debbaudt for the Illinois Attorney General’s Office in 2007 and 200 and conferences in North Carolina, Florida, Texas and Minnesota. Judge Taylor served as a subject matter expert for California POST’s autism training video, spearheaded the development of the Autism in the Criminal Justice System training video for judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, and co-wrote with Dennis Debbaudt and Dr. Gary Mesibov the companion article of the same name for the North Carolina Bar Journal in December, 2009.

Judge Taylor is sought out for her legal expertise as it pertains to persons with autism and their families.

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